Bad Habits, If Not Resisted

I sure miss my Internet/Work, it’s been only 2 days.
Bad Habit, BMW Meter
On Friday, we made a rare visit to my brother’s in laws at Sabak Bernam to see Adriana before she goes back to Kelantan. Carried her in my arms, shook her a few times to wake her up. She opened her eyes, looked at me, and fall back to sleep. If I were a vampire, I’d bite her apple-shaped cheek off.

The road was rather calm, except filled with road hoggers.

The next day, we raced to Johor Baru to see grandma. She’s not eating, hence weak. It’d be helpful to have a doc in the house to re-admit her for glucose drips. I guess the burden is on my shoulder, since both my brothers are taken   😛

On the way back to KL, I took over the wheel (I did 70% of the driving). Lucky me, dad has a soft spot for luxury fast cars. Driving is more of a pleasure than a chore.

Abah: I didn’t know we can do this fast..
NH: What?
Abah: Look at the meter.

120 miles per hour.

From my rear view mirror, I saw Abah grinned. Two things, he was being sarcastic AND happy with his horse. Slowed down by 20 mph. So JB-KL, 2 hours flat, door to door.

Bad habits, if not resisted, soon becomes necessity.

ps: Solution, take the Kelisa on highway. Surely can’t beat 110kmh with full load.

pss: Celebrating my raya in KL

psss: I miss my younger bro. We usually take turn mocking road hoggers.

pssss: Express bus switches lane suka-hati-ly. F’ You!

psssss: Bad habits are necessities, like coffee.

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