At least once a week, I have people telling me they liked my Blogspot more than NoktahHitam.  Of course, it was in simple English, a few word twister, WAH LA,.. a post. Damn!

If I were given a chance to choose, I’ll stick with the old me. Unfortunately, everybody matures, like cheese and wine. Damn!

I guess everyone I know is reading NH, including my clients and family. I had to play it a key lower. Damn!

It could also be complacency. I’m no longer mad at the world. Damn!

Perhaps I’m earning twice as much as I used too. Big bucks, bigger ego. Damn!

Or because people know who I am. I have to be polite no matter what. Damn!

I’ve stated repetitively, I want to marry a doctor. I can’t be the-boy-your-daddy-warned-you-about anymore. Damn!

In search of fame and followers, I sold myself. Damn!

I think I messed up. Damn!

In short, Damn!

ps: Replace Damn with Babilah.

pss: *Babilah is a bad word. Don’t address it to others but yourself.

psss: With this post, I declare “babilah” as my shared trademark. Anyone caught using it as their blog title will be hacked.

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