At least once a week, I have people telling me they liked my Blogspot more than NoktahHitam.  Of course, it was in simple English, a few word twister, WAH LA,.. a post. Damn!

If I were given a chance to choose, I’ll stick with the old me. Unfortunately, everybody matures, like cheese and wine. Damn!

I guess everyone I know is reading NH, including my clients and family. I had to play it a key lower. Damn!

It could also be complacency. I’m no longer mad at the world. Damn!

Perhaps I’m earning twice as much as I used too. Big bucks, bigger ego. Damn!

Or because people know who I am. I have to be polite no matter what. Damn!

I’ve stated repetitively, I want to marry a doctor. I can’t be the-boy-your-daddy-warned-you-about anymore. Damn!

In search of fame and followers, I sold myself. Damn!

I think I messed up. Damn!

In short, Damn!

ps: Replace Damn with Babilah.

pss: *Babilah is a bad word. Don’t address it to others but yourself.

psss: With this post, I declare “babilah” as my shared trademark. Anyone caught using it as their blog title will be hacked.


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  1. Babilah is a rip off from Sumolah? HAHA! Well, I think you are less ‘marah pada dunia’ and matured tremendously in your writings. Then, possibly (not probably.. quoting Will Smith in The Pursuit of Happyness 😛 ) at some point we realise there are better/more things to care about that being angry.. Emo is a lifestyle, not a life. ➡

  2. But they had that skinny guy on Aflin Shauki’s side. He’s no babi. Awie and Aflin are definitely babi.

    Like I said, I too love the old NH. Very verbose and bold. I was still anonymous then. Oh well..

    Emo is a song genre 😉

  3. pss: With this post, I declare “babilah” is my trademark. Anyone caught using it on their blog will be hacked. <<< selfdeclare x aci. kena g patternkan. hehehe.. takottt kena hacked

  4. Edited. Sorry tak siap lagi, but I posted it.

    BTW it’s patent. Pattern tu corak.

  5. Ingat post lain, dah tukar word rupe nya. hahaha

  6. woi, pms ke?

  7. It could cost my right arm if I dont change the wordings :p

  8. i declare ‘babilah’ is my trade mark too <— provocation to NH. wahahaha…

    register it first. then i’ll withdraw…

    ps: change in characteristic? dpt hidayah di tanah arab kot…

  9. No dude. On blogspot, my post were filled with emotions. on NH, it’s being flattened out. It’s like listening to Secondhand Serenade singing in monotone. An ugly site if you have to put it in words.

  10. 😯 😕

    when i pissed off, wah-la-weh.. everything is F* 😡 , Damn 😮 , Babi-Sial 😈 .

    😀 😛

    p.s: i wanna have trademark too.. but, which tag line, eh? 😛

  11. I dont swear using Babila. It’s a cute name if you say it selllooowly.

    In fact, I rarely swear

  12. wah, declaring “Babilah” trademark.. uh uh..
    Is it true that your client also read your blog?

  13. yup, potential clients too 😛

  14. babilah…

    selalu pakai.. cursing word yang paling favorite.


  15. Wah.. bertambah rezeki la.. kalu client pon dah baca blog nih.. mesti tau NH ni camner orgnya..

  16. I never swear (try not to swear) unless I am really mad at something or someone.. I often use word “Humang!” instead of “Sial” or “babi”. people ask, what’s Humang? I said, in come from the Umang-umang name (sea creature that live in shell)… haha.. from school until now I use it.

  17. i’m ok with both of urs. dont get too emo.every change needs time to adapt.

  18. if this is called “flattening it out”, i can barely imagine how it’s like at ur blogspot [at the moment, i think i’d prefer just being in the dark on that] hmmm.

    Anyway, cuss words aside, u’re pretty witty urself =) [yes, that was meant to be a compliment.. somehow]

  19. Masukkan dalam ko punya LINGO.. haha..


  20. en_me minta maaf dari kejauhan pada semua yang mengenali me selama ini .. maaf la segala kekurangan2 en_me yg ini k

  21. x biasa guna ‘babilah’.. biasa guna damn ect.. ect.. mulai sekarang kena jaga penggunaan ayat.. takut nanti terguna babilah.. nanti kena hack.. haha..

  22. Nothing wrong with this animal, u know why, bagi Allah semua makluknya sama, dia juga sujud pada malam lailatulqadar, cuma manusia yang lebih berakal dan mulia, so use it no body care!!

  23. If you like witty, you should really consider reading blogspot. It’s funny and thought provoking.

  24. Will think about that 😉

  25. why not “kucinglah” or “semutlah” or “lalatlah” ?

    what’s the hot thing about “babi” ???

    i mean, even mp use “babi” in the parliament.

  26. takpe takpe ambik la ko trademark babilah ni… huhu

    aku pun nak chop trademark jugaklah..

    aku ambik


  27. haha…kalo gune boleh kena saman tue.. 😀 still available for registration.. 😀

  28. so i can choose ‘bangsat’ hehe & that will be my trademark too :p

    slowly u’ll become more heartless!!?? wakaka

  29. semua nak trade mark lah NH, tiru kau la tu.. 😛

  30. senang citer..babi awak ! teringat aku kat awang dulu..kat mana la mamat tuh skang ni…huhuhuhuhu~~ 😈

  31. aku terserempak die dulu, die buat donno je.

  32. you give me an idea.. hmm.. sometime, i used “manusia betul la ko ni” instead of “bodoh” or “babi”. hahaha 😛

  33. if i were to use “NH-lah ko ni”.. bleh tak? 😛

  34. oh ye ke? dia kije kat mana skang? kerek giler x tegur ko or dia dh xcam ko dah ?

  35. I’d ring your lecturer and have you fail your papers hahaha

  36. wahhh….babi tu….siap declare trademark lagi tu….
    babi = words yang tak boleh di guna kan sewenang2 depan kanak2…they are quick learner…. tapi always apply at the wrong place…hohoho

    for me i love to say “Cipan” lah…

  37. well, i like the new nh compared to the blogspot. its challenging, in terms of vocab, made me feel stupid and firing the urge of unstupify myself.


  38. thesaurus, read it, use it, understand it.

  39. ngiaahahaha babilah? lol
    i used to curse a lot when i was younger
    but then.. pe kes pompuan nak curse like super kan? now, no more babilah
    tukar binatang..
    if i want to curse, i’ll say kambinglah or monyetlah

    btw.. that is my trademark 😛
    go ahead use babilah 😛

  40. wah.. so nice of you.. angelic gila 👿
    good smaelz.. lagipun memang tak baik cursing ni..
    😥 menyesal jugak terikut kawan2 menyumpah 😥

  41. erk..thats qkool! 😮

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