Assholes On The Road

It’s been 3 months since I owned Mutu (my bike, has nothing to do with an indian name. Instead of spelling it moto, I changed the vowel) the experience of riding a mid size bike is surreal. I constantly think about riding Mutu when I’m driving, about to go to bed or even while nature calls. It’s that addictive!

No matter how fast we go, eventually we all have to stop at red lights. In an open straight road, other bikers (lower cc) and pumped up Waja-lution (and the likes) would rev before the light turns green. When I turned to them, they’d signal for short drag till the next traffic light. I’d just nod in agreement.

They started revving louder and louder, so did I. Adrenaline starts kicking in, the mind starts to simulate gear shifts and eyes on the tarmac, praying so that nothing suddenly jumps in your way. As soon as the light turns green, we all released the demon inside us, the need for speed.

Unfortunately for them, I rode  like I normally start on green light, slowly. To them I maybe an ass for deceiving like some bully whom snatched the fun candy from them, to me, they’re all f-up. I mean no disgrace but what are you compared to 70 horse power between my legs? Mutu does 0-100kmh in 4 secs. Let’s not kid ourselves. I’m not into drags and you have no chance against Mutu.

If you really want to race, go to Sepang track day. On normal road, be a good motorist.

I’m an ass, so are you but I’m a lot safer.

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