Are You Training for Something?

I mentioned so many times about a pisang goreng[1. Fried Banana] stall near my house, they also serve breakfast.


Usually, regular customers and the tea boy would clinch their fist in the air and shout, “Malaysia Boleh” every time I pass the stall. I’d waive back and continue with my run. So does the fish mongers and butchers at the wet market, opposite the cemetery.

It’s almost my daily routine. (Every other day or daily run).

Today I was a bit early. I completed my 5km course quicker than usual. I went back to the stall to grab a toast and “teh-o-suam”. A pakcik sitting next to where I was standing, asked.

“You lari hari-hari untuk apa?”. I could only smile, I was still out of breath.

“You training untuk Malaysia ke?”. My subconscious mind nodded before I could say anything.

“Main apa?”, he asked.

“Bowling padang”. What the hell? Why did I say that? Out of so many sports in the world, why bowling padang? I have the slightest idea on how to play the game nor have I ever hold the ball.

“Oh. Pakcik taktau apa tu. Takpa, mai makan, pakcik belanja.” Great. A lie could get me breakfast.

While munching, I started formulating on how to explain the truth. Before I could open my mouth, he called up other regulars, “Hangpa tau, dia ni main bowling padang untuk Malaysia!”.

“Tu dia aih! Baguih baguih. Bagi naik sikit nama taman kami ni”. The regulars cheered on, my face turned red, I blushed. Little did they know, it was an unintentional lie made during my hypoxic state[2. Hypoxia – A mismatch between oxygen supply and its demand at the cellular level.].

They’ll probably ask me again tomorrow, the day after and so forth. When the time is right, I’ll tell them I’ve retired.

ps: I wonder, is my breakfast considered Halal?

pss: Best jogging apparatus: Puma racing shoes, loose short and undies, 100% cotton T’s and Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic.


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  1. Malaysia memang power boling padang..
    kesian plak pakcik tu kena kelentong..

  2. Majulah Eddie untuk arena bowling padang negara!

  3. Tu la menipu lagi kan dah kantoi ๐Ÿ™„

    ps:aku boleh buat 5 in the row kalau bowling biasa tp kalau bowling padang alamat belekuk la tanah ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Aku main bowling pon tak reti. Style pusing2 tau la. Tapi tak cukup handal ๐Ÿ˜›

    Markah paling tinggi 103 je!

  5. baik ang mintak halal kat pakcik tu, NH…hahaha~apelah. orang tua pon nak kelentong~

  6. I doubt than even the best Malaysian lawn-bowler pun tak lari 5km hari2…why do they need stamina pon hehehe…

    Or maybe they do, for the sake of they are national athletes..

  7. No they don’t run 5km per day. 2km je usually. Tu pon alternate days.

  8. Typo bro, 5800. Hehe..


  9. I thought dah betulkan! Darn! Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. boling padang ?

    ingat boleh le kita org tgok pemain M’sia kat ATP TOur

  11. They should go for at least 50km per week, in between trainings, so that they have scarily huge amount of stamina to match Roger Federer’s in Wimbledon 2009 Final against Andy Roddick….Or Wayne Rooney when he’s on form…Or at least, Hideo Nakata…

    Orang gile…Stamina as much as Uzumaki Naruto ( Naruto is a special case, die watak kartun je).

  12. Wow, the representation of Malaysia for bowling padang!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ haha. You’re not alone – I say incomprehensible and utterly stupid things when I’m too busy catching my breath to mentally process what people are saying. Not bad eh, at least you got a free breakfast, and cheers from your sweet, attentive and neighbourly folks.

    Speaking of which, you remind me of the daily scene I see everyday when I return from my school. As I walk back to my hostel I’ll see the dragon boating team and the rugby team people running around the campus. Whew. I’m walking downhill and they’re going up ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  13. Surely the whole neighbor is alerting on sports news regarding lawn bowl. Still among of all sports, y lawn bowl?

    p/s: ‘Ed, the best lawn bowler is yet to come’.

  14. malaysia boleh! ahaha xD

  15. Bro, I suggest you better pick up bowling padang aka lawnball, mana tau betul jadi wakil Malaysia! ๐Ÿ˜› Then it will not be a lie anymore. Pick up dummies guide ehe!

    5km a day. That’s damn good! :up: :up:

  16. lol funny!

    you know, mase i stranded dkt airport, i tipu this particular makcik ON purpose ; i blaja law, self-sponsored, aged 25, dad’s an engineer on telecommunication, mom’s a teacher. the only thing was i terkantoi ; i said i anak tunggal, then again, i ckp my BROTHER is getting married this july. lol

    saje malas nak ngaku buat medic..hehe kesian makcik tu…konfius je

    p/s : aa menipu sgt menyeksakan especially nak tahan gelak!

    p/s : im back in kedah!weee~~

  17. Hahaha. susah betul nak menipu ni. Kalau ckp the truth I think it’d much easier.

    Thank God you dah sampai

  18. haha..TER= perbuatan tak sengaje kan???hehehe ๐Ÿ˜›

  19. I wonder if ANYONE would believe me if I say I play bowling padang… Hmm… โ—

  20. All it takes to play the game is talent. That’s about it. Body size, age, sex doesn’t matter at all.

  21. Mane nak main kat KL ni? Cukup laa aku hayun golf untuk release tension. Tade aku nak heret bag gi main tgh panas ๐Ÿ˜›

  22. I hope when I go to the mosque, people won’t come up to me and ask me about lawn bowl.

  23. My jogging path includes 2 schools. Parents sending their kids would always make way for me. Such a bless neighbourhood.

    It feels good jogging early morning. You get to see the sky changes color from pitch black – dark blue – purple – orangy – yellow – white. Best natural gradient. It all happens within 20 mins.

  24. ATP Tour? Then join Wimbeldon open. I hope to see that in the future ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. 50km per week? Awesomeness.

    BTW, I completed my 1,000 km jog (2 years goal) today. Did it in 1 year, 7 months. Still have 5 months to go. Next year, new standard, 2,500km in 2 years?

  26. “Body size, age, sex doesnโ€™t matter at all.”

    And you chose to say bowling padang?? WTH dude, should have said wrestling or something. That would stunt him. Huhu~ ๐Ÿ™„

  27. huhu…
    takpela eddie, rezeki la tu…

  28. woot,
    dapat breakfast free pon oke.
    nanti bila nak ‘retired’ bowling padang jangan lupa mintak halal makanan dengan pakcik tuh.

    what time do you start to see the sky changing colour?

    p/s: thought of jogging in a wood near my house after SPM. =)

  29. Isn’t lawn bowl is the game that the elderly plays?

  30. around 6.30 am – 6.45 am. It depends on weather actually. If it rained the night before or early morning, the sky would be rather gloomy. And I don’t jog during these days. It’s dangerous.

  31. Yes. but I don’t think only elders play, young adults pon ade je. The game demands concentration, younglings are full of it.

  32. I prefer this kind of entry. Freaking funny. lmao~

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