Are You Into Classical?


taken using SE W800 😉

I don’t know about you, but I like classical music. My obsession for music started in Primary School with the likes of KRU, 4u2c and AlleyCats. Pop, Thrash & Grunge era in Secondary School and EMO throughout my higher education days. Emo is still good, but I no longer need to feel infuriated. Classic suits me better now. WTF right?

I was driving with my deary “ehem” friend, she asked me, “why do you listen to rubbish music?”. She was referring to Pachebel – Canon in D playing in the car. I was intimidated by her comment but I kept cool. “Ok, let’s listen to Light&Easy”. “Euuww, I never knew you were gay,” she said. I switched to FlyFM and she agreed. Then she started talking about her day and the boys who were mesmerized by her presence. I did feel a little annoyed but managed to contained the overwhelmed jealousy by playing mozarts’, shuberts’ and shumanns’ song in my head.

She kept talking and talking (you know how girls are) and I just nodded each time she wants me to agree on something. Until she caught me, “what’s with the hand?”. My arm was out weaving as if conducting a concert, yeah, Maestro Eddie. Sh*t! She noticed I wasn’t really listening, I have to come up with something. “eerrr… I’m drawing your face..” … “Aaaahhh, so sweet”, she said. Phewwww… close call, otherwise it’d be another pujuk hour.

Anyhow, I’ve convinced her that classical music isn’t rubbish. I transferred most of my collection to her iPod Nano. And now she’s asking me to help get the music out of her head.

Here’s 3 music by Pachebel – Canon in D. Let me know which one you like 😉

[audio:dansindel.mp3]Dan Sindels’ Version
[audio:mozart.mp3]Mozarts’ Version
[audio:jerryc.mp3]JerryCs’ Version, famous on YouTube.

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