April Fool: I’m Still a Fool For You

April Fool

This may come to you as a stupid tradition, I don’t care 😀

2001, I confessed to a girl. She had eyes that could take all my air, and she was still on braces. Nevertheless, every thought of her would drive me up the wall. I was really a FOOL FOR YOU 🙄

2002, We became one. It was the happiest day in my life. Every single victory was incomparable to what I achieved today. And I’m still a FOOL, up to this day I could never top that up 😥

2003, Was our first anniversary. We had a huge fight and we yelled. I was a FOOL, doing such things to my so call better-half 😯

2004, Second anniversary. I showered my love enough to cover every tarmac on this planet. I could never love anyone more than this. I was a FOOL to love a girl more than my mom 😕

2005, 6 months since we broke up. I was upset, I blew all my savings to get over you. I was a party animal. I lost myself. I lost my faith and thought God had forsaken me. I was a FOOL, I forsaken God’s will 😡

2006, I had a new girl friend. Her dad hated me and my race. I was a little happier, a little sad. But I was a FOOL, to think that a gf could replace what I’ve lost 😈

2007, 2 years and a half past since the saddest day in my life. I am a FOOL to know shes out there happily living her life, while I kept reminiscing the past 😡

2008, 3 years past. I remained a fool for you (and only to you) but I am no longer a fool. Life has to go on, with or without you. (and this is no April Fool post) 👿

[flash http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVXlD7sEoDI]

ps: verily, with the hardship, there is relief. as-Shrah:6


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  1. are you seriously serious about not getting over this chick?7 years?really really??

  2. I knew someone would ask me this question.

    Well, yeah. Go ahead shoot me… hahaha 😀

    ps: I believe the correct term would be, first love?

  3. hope 2009 breaks the tradition!

    first love’s always hard to let go but just dont go losing out on what cud be ur endless love just coz u cant let go of the first 😎

  4. aaah.. don’t worry, I still know what is what (I think so) 🙄

    2009? Eh.. way to early lah 😀

  5. 7 years dude! that’s a long long long time! 🙂 ehem sure ke, dah over her? love hurts 😀 i still remember my first love too. and i still contact her.. once in a while. time lonely and horny. rotflmao!

  6. pandai ko bace between the lines 😛

  7. bro.. this is by far my favourite post in here.

    nice 😀

  8. ..adat la kot 1st cut is the deepest. ive been deeply in love with this one guy yada yada yada.. he broke my heart blablabla..

    its been.. 8 yrs, then i met this guy in 2004, he is so crazy about me…

    we got married on 080308


    I just cant teach my heart to fall in love like i use too(mati kalo laki aku baca ayat neh).

    Then.. i try to create another definition of love.

    and im ok with it.



    jiji’s last blog post..Ikan Emas Oh!

  9. we like should soo hook up..my heart bleeds for my ex..ugh..penat laa but then why oh why are human’s programmed that way?why do we crave for lost love?penat tauu.. 😕

  10. its not fun to read this, again.

    Im just here to say bye-bye NH!

    keep NH real okay – like I always prefer it to be~
    be happy ! 😀

  11. In Za, to be honest, since 2001 to 2006, I wrote it on my diary. It was of course lengthy as hell, 5-6 pages per year. And I keep adding new ones, 2007 and 2008 (still is 5-6 pages per entry)

    Here I am, sharing my cut of life. Only difference, at NH, I’m keeping everything short ➡

    ps: Im still keeping this post for 2009 ..or not. (indecisive ni!)

  12. its bad actually… i have 4 quotas 😀

  13. syukur eddie.. syukur. ROTFLMAO!

  14. really wanna know sumthin’ ’bout dato’ khairy… he’s my idol dude..seriously!!!!

  15. huuu eddie…sedihnya…nevermind to still linger, first love lagi pun…i believe you’ll get over it, it’s just a matter of time..time heals…but you have to be strong to move on…taking care…but, please, don’t ever think that God had forsaken you…Tuhan dah bagi nikmat dan kemudahan kepada kita, pandai2 lah kita gunakan…kan?

    maybe, there’s someone better for you, insyaAllah. 👿

    aishah’s last blog post..me having fun!

  16. a friend of mine is your regular reader… and she told me you wanna marry a doctor and she said i should intro you to my bestie yang sedang hampir menjadi dokter gituuu… should i? or should i intro you to my friend itu instead? :p

    first time here, will be regular lah lepas ini… yes lahhh…

    liza haslan tan’s last blog post..Wednesday, April 02, 2008

  17. woh? that’ll be awesome 😀

  18. hahaha..eddie poyo!! 😀

  19. KJ is not welcome here. sorry 😮

  20. Noktahhitam.. you ok? interesting way of writing it.. wel, hope you when you say life goes on.. you’re moving on..


    drumsticks’s last blog post..Lunch: J.Co Donuts

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