Anwar Ibrahim Released

Anwar Arrested
945am – Police released Anwar Ibrahim.

Yesterday, there was a commotion near IPK. 700 (maybe more) including family members, lawyers, journos, PKRs and supporters was there to show their support and begging for the first scoop.

Anwar wanted his supporters to remain calm. Fellow supporters should have abide and followed his instructions instead of causing mini social disturbance. (700 is like a school assembly).

I received an SMS early evening yesterday, ‘Jom gi IPK, tgk ape kes..‘.  Unfortunately, I was out on a date with, ehem.

I was also informed Anwar slept on a cold slab, with 2 pieces of towels as his matress. Poor guy, I’m sure his 60-year-old back is throbbing now.

Now that it’s settled, I need to go pick up my grandma from the dialysis center.

Read Anwar Ibrahim’s blog for more info. In Malay.

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