Anwar Ibrahim Accused of Sodomy!! (Part II)

Anwar Ibrahim Sodomy
Anwar is scheduled to hold a press conference at Quality Hotel at 1 PM today (Sunday) has released a press statement regarding this case on PKR’s website.

He claims that the he managed to get proof that the Police allegedly fabricated the evidence against him on the case a decade ago and this act is to prevent him from disclosing the evidence to the public.

RM0.00 Polis telah menahan pembantu khas DSAI Saiful Bahari ptg ini dan memaksa beliau membuat pengakuan diliwat. Polis dijangka menahan DSAI hari ini. Sebarkan.

From Rocky BRU Blog

YB Nik Nazmi just confirmed to me that the above was sent by PKR’s sms service. I also spoke to an Editor of a mainstream newspaper and he said, “Yes, we’ll be carrying a story on a police report lodged against a politician for sodomy. But we won’t be naming names.”

From Kickthefella

Kickdefella reported that Anwar’s aide made a police report that Anwar sodomized him a few days ago but according to Kickdefella’s reliable resource, his aide was picked up by the police and filed a police report hours after that.

From Susan Loone

10.44pm: I just received information by sms that Saiful Bahari, special assistant to Anwar Ibrahim had been arrested by police and was forced to confess that he was sodomised. Police are expected to detain Anwar anytime now, for sodomy. If this is true, this would be the second time that Anwar undergoes the same ordeal, also for the same reason. For wanting to be PM!

Goodness heaven. Not another sodomy case after 10 years? Will there be another reformasi? Malaysian politic is getting uglier by the day.

ps: Special thanks to Life4Hire for the heads up.

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