Anwar Tale: Quoting from Wikileaks?

I was having dinner with my family and overheard TV3 mentioning Anwar. I took a peek and heard Anwar was on Wikileaks. The first thing that popped out of my mind was, why the hell would a professional journalism quote from word of mouth? What more from Wikileaks, where anyone and everyone can post and say anything. That’s just idiotic. I’m not watching Perez Hilton ok!

Even at academic level, no one is allowed to quote from Wikipedia though it’s a lot more comprehensive than any encyclopedia. Now professional journalism succumbed to this? You gotta be shiting me.

Anyway, curious as a cat, I went to investigate the truth behind this. And since I can’t use the website, (I have no idea how to navigate around) I downloaded the whole Wikileaks archive to search for Anwar or Malaysia. Guess what? Nada! None! Kosong! There’s no such entry. (I could be wrong)

Anyway, here’s a list of links you can visit (all say the same thing). But if it’s true, then it’s really apparent what our neighbouring country tie is worth.

  1. Temasek Review
  2. Sydney Morning Herald
  3. the Age (Australia)
  4. the Malaysian Insider
  5. Jakarta Globe
  6. Malay Mail
  7. The Star

My Comment: Anwar’s case is ongoing. That’s enough to prove him right or wrong for now. In the after life, let God decide.

ps: Disgusted with mainstream media.

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