Antara Share Facebook atau Tidak

Lately we have become a bit Islamic on the web scene, I guess it’s no surprise thanks to modern dakwah (social networking stints) but what I’m pretty upset is that most of these Islamic tales/stories/guidance are not cited. It’s as if the stories shared were make believe.

Muhammad Saw said, that one of the signs to end of time is malicious fallacy.

There was a talk I attended touched on this matter too. The Ustaz told us repeatedly, if it’s not in the Quran or Hadith, don’t share because you might spread unintended fallacy and you will be answerable on why you passed it around without any effort to uncover the truth behind these words. Though it might a simple ‘share’ button, but the damage goes a long way.

What if someone actually believed and would die for it?

Therefore, I would like you to contest the authenticity of any uncited dakwah shared on the web. You might not be a victim, but someone will.


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This was like sms berantai. If u send this sms to 15people, and within an hour u will get this and this. But if u ignored this sms, u will suffer the consequences. I never believed in those. Afraid it might stir the aqidah.

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t.a.t.a wrote on April 14, 2012 #1

i saw Pijun’s face!!!

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Ahlok wrote on April 14, 2012 #2

Kadang-kadang dah jadi macam terpaksa, u tak share u ditimpa malang. I was like WTF.. Bukan ke dakwah ni kena iklas. Ni macam nak menjatuhkan dosa ke atas seseorang pula..

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Ikhwan wrote on April 15, 2012 #3

Leave a comment, I won't bite ;)

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