All I Need

I’m so in love with this song, OneRepublic – Say (All I Need).

Well, bless my soul, You’re a lonely soul,
Cause you won’t let go, Of anything you hold.

Well, all I need, Is the air I breathe,
And a place to rest, My head.

Things are a bit clutter here in my pit. Late payment from clients, more projects, lesser time for sleep and no time to really blog about myself. All I can blog about is my personal project and politics.

Thanks to Adobe Air, I have now RSS scrolling on my Windows bar and Doomi as my to-do list.

ps: Friends, I do read your blog, but haven’t got time to commentΒ Β  πŸ™„

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16 thoughts on “All I Need”

  1. Adobe Air? Macam best jer… Kena try nih! πŸ™‚

    P/s: Laju siot ko tinggalkan aku, ranking naik mencanak, pun semakin menggila traffic…


  2. dulu pernah guna for ringgtone tapi bila dah keluar radio banyak kali tukar da~ sbb byk orang pakai jugak.. huhuhu

    one republic best! :halo:

  3. Itu lah. I downloaded OneRepublic’s album, but never listened to it thoroughly. Now bile dah dgr, sedap gak this song.

    I like ‘boys-like-girls’, the vocalist rocks!

  4. Ehem.. ehem.. nak jugak la express yg sama kat NH.

    Dalam sibukΒ² pun kesihatan kena jaga, okay Eddie? πŸ˜€

    Boleh tak mcm tu? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

  5. bapak aku ckp, keje kene ikhlas. tp kalau ikhlas, x de payment, sape nak bayo kete aku? cilakok! 😯

    It’s ok la bong. I don’t mind sgt about the payment πŸ˜›

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