All-American Rejects in Malaysia!

The band will be performing at MTV World Stage (I don’t know what’s that, but I look forward to go!)


AAR and I, go way back to 2003. Back to the days of MD was still hip (before iPod and mp3 players). I’d listen to them everywhere. While cycling to uni, taking the bus to town, waiting for others to arrive, in the library and sometimes during lecture theaters (I did get caught and my MD was confiscated for a week!).

Long road trips are boring, what more tuned into the dad’s preferable radio station. Thanks to MP3, I have them in my pocket. Helps me keep my toes on the road, while tapping the steering echoing the drums.

AAR is my daily dose of ecstasy. I memorize AAR’s every note and every breath he took as he sang the song. To some extent, I even pushed their songs down my friend’s throat or secretly upload onto their USB drives 😛

I am not much of concert groupie. It’s loud, poor sound setup, crowded, no parking and the most disgusting of all, the smelly sweat as you graze your skin with a complete stranger jumping up and down. Euwww, gross!

But if there’s an exception, it’s All-American Rejects.

So now they’re coming to town. I am certainly not going to miss this priceless oppurtunity! Now, help me win the tickets at MTV’s official World Stage site.

ps: I sound like a groupie. OMG!

Twitter Status: help me win passes to see the All American Rejects, PLEASSEEEE. I’ll even sleep with you for the ticket. (yes, I am that desperate!)

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