Alexander the Great: Was He a Muslim?

A little history lesson here.

Many muslim believed that Alexander the Great was a muslim. Unfortunately, he isn’t.

1. A Muslim (Arabic: مسلم‎) is an adherent of the religion of Islam. Alexander was born on 20th July 356 BC. Islam made its way to history in 6th century. How is it possible for him to become a follower of religion which existed 9 centuries after his death?

2. Alexander was a polytheist (many Gods) according to many books (Persian & Indian civilization). Islam’s concept is monotheist (one God).

3. In the Quran, Dhul-Qarnayn is commonly related to Alexander for building a gate to confined Gog & Magog (Ya’juj & Ma’juj). However, Islamic historian also noted that it could be the King of Persian, possibly King Cyprus the Great. The epithet was also familiar among the pre-Islamic Arabs, who applied it to at least three different kings.

Why is it important now? Because, in the today’s world, we are injected with deceitful word-of-mouth stories. It is our duty to seek what’s true and what not. So please, think, it is only an extension of mind.

Feel free to argue with me  ❗

ps: Left with a mug shot 🙄

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