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Alas A Dajjal Was Born

Emok told me about a circulating mail on Dajjal’s birth. At first I didn’t want to believe, but for the sake of curing my curiosity, I delved into my junk mails. (Luckily, gmail could sort this out for me)

The title reads, Sign of Dajjal in Israel.

Dajjal 1Dajjal 2

Is this the Dajjal you speak off?

Fuck you, original author. I personally find this offensive.

For those who never knew online medical journos existed, the poor baby suffers Cyclopia, a congenital abnormality (birth defect) in which there is only one eye. Read medterms.com for more.

The term “DAJJAL” means “Imposter”, one who conceals the truth with falsehood, a “falsifier”, one who deceives, deludes, beguiles, circumvents, is very deceitful or a “great deceiver”. According to my readings, Dajjal is blind on his right eye something like a pirate (Wikipedia).

Attached to the mail was a long list of replied messages. Being me, I could never refrain myself from reading the stench remarks etched on the mail. One in particular, threw me off balance, “Kill the baby!”.

Are you stupid? The least you could do is Google it before throwing tantrums to that innocent child. It’s a pity, the child was hated before he could leave the cradle. I wonder how he’ll survive in this cruel world.

The next time you read a forwarded email, think twice before pushing them into other’s inbox. You could be spreading ill-intent notions.

Again, fuck you author.

ps: Don’t bother searching for Dajjal in the Quran, it’s not there.

pss: Weekends or weekdays, work is all I have. Thank you clients.

psss: Cyclopia don’t have nostril, how do they filter air? I guess they don’t.

pssss: Don’t reply my pss, I will delete your comment.


There are 68 Comments for “Alas A Dajjal Was Born”

kesian aku lihat baby ni. baru je lahir dah kena macam-macam. =(

*rasanya pernah dapat email ni*

ali replied #1

kill the baby for the sake of muslim for muslim countries.ok

asx wrote on November 2, 2008 #1

aku rasa aku pon pernah dpt email ni…hmmm…aku xpercaya pon…tanda2 kiamat ni benda ghaib…lgpon dajjal ialah tanda kiamat besar…

tgh pening godek2 theme baru…huhuhuhuhhu~~ :???:

Ahmad replied #1

please kill the baby for the sake of Muslims

|1f34|-|1r3 replied #1

no use…what will happen will happen…Kiamat will come one day…and there’s no way to stop it !

KHAN replied #1


GYANDAS replied #1

I am unleashing some key specifics about the Holy Koran which have quite been an unfamiliar topic to confer for all of us around the world. Today, we have got unclear views on the holy Koran. I have got some contrasting but truthful facts upon qiyamat or the judgement day as prophesized in the holy Koran. I think that the judgement day is the day when soul of a ‘believer’ acquires supreme eternal bliss. I absolutely counter the faith that day of the physical destruction of this world is the judgement day. Contrary to that, I believe that the judgement day is the time to experience ‘life after death’ or “life in heaven” without dying physically. It is the time when our will and desires towards worldly matters die and we completely capitulate ourselves to God.

The judgement day has already arrived and we are in it:

It is believed that “the following morning is the day of judgement”. Let me make this statement clear: According to the Holy Koran, 1000 years of this world corresponds a day and similarly, 100 years of this world matches a night of god. Hence, time before “the following morning” incorporates a day and a night of god, which consequently on sum becomes 1100 years. Thus, it is evident that “qiyamat” is set to happen at 1100 years of the prophet Mohammad.

At the judgement day, the sun is also set to rise from the west. However, it is a metaphor that indicates the advent of Ruh Allah and Imam Mahdi from a Hindu community. In other words, Ruh Allah and Imam Mahdi have already arrived in Hindu community in India respectively at the 10th and the 11th century of the prophet Mohammad. Gabriel has already shifted the energy of Koran from the Mecca to Parna of India in the 11th century of the Prophet.

Likewise, the holy Koran mentions that “the dead” will be revived from the grave at the judgement day. This is a metaphor signaling that “the dead” is an unconscious spirit who has forgotten god and the divine heaven. Thus, spirits of the believers will be able to experience god and the divine heaven where they descended from to this world. How many of us know how big and beautiful the heaven is? Not any of us! Some of us may claim that only the god knows what and how the heaven is. But the teaching of Ruh Allah and Imam Mahdi has made it possible for each and every one of us to realize the ultimate harmony of heaven!

The holy Koran forth cites the falling of stars from the sky at the day of judgement. Now, if we resolve this prophecy via the knowledge of Tartam, stars are referred to Mummins whereas the sky is referred to Lahut. Therefore, at the resurrection, Mummins (stars) descend (fall) from the divine heaven (sky) to this world to watch the play of this world and then resurrect in heaven.

So, without further justification let me give you the introduction of Ruh Allah and Imam Mahdi. The physical name of Ruh Allah is “Devchandra Mehta”(1581 A.D. to 1655 A.D.) and the physical name of the Imam Mahdi is “Mehraj Thakur”(1618 A.D. to 1694 A.D.). Both of them emerged from Hindu community from Gujarat, India. The teachings firstly given by Ruh Allah and later on by Imam Mahdi, is called as “Tartam Knowledge” (also known as Waani).

While Dajjal, on the other hand is set to be killed by Ruh Allah. It signifies that we can eradicate our worldly acquisitive and have spiritual awakening by the grace of Ruh Allah. Waani only leads us to the righteous path to Lahut. Waani reveals mysteries of all the existing faiths in the world.
However, I slam the blind faith that Dajjal shall be killed by Jesus Christ. Ruh Allah and Jesus Christ are not the same being. According to waani, Dajjal is killed by Ruh Allah. The Final Christ (Ruh Allah) is not the come back of Jesus Christ. All the prophecies of Mohammad, today has been falsely intrepretated by preachers. Only Allah and Mummins (followers of Waani) know the true meaning of Koran. Others dare to elaborate Koran by using their own brainpower. The coming of the Final Christ in the clouds of sky is actually a gesture referring the arrival of the Final Christ among the Hindus in India. The destruction of the world at the resurrection day is actually an allegory implying the end of world from the hearts and minds of Mummins by the practice of divine knowledge of Waani. Imam Mahdi (Mahamati Prannath) has already sketched the New World Order of one religion (Nijananda) in this world 350 years earlier. Even the Hindus of present India are unfamiliar about it except for some countable followers of Waani.

Apart from that, Jesus Christ has already returned like a thief (as he had promised)! Now, here is one essential thing for all of us to keep in mind that a thief remains a thief as long as it remains unnoticed. A thief when noticed, no longer remains a thief but it becomes a convicted. Jesus Christ has already been included in the verses of Waani, thus, marking his return sudden and secret to the outside world. Most of us believe that the second coming of the Christ is the advent of Second Christ. However, it is not so. If Second Christ were the return of Jesus Christ then why there is need for Jesus to return like a thief and how would a thief establish one kingdom of God in the whole world? In reality, the Second Christ and Jesus Christ are two separate beings. The Second Christ or the Final Christ is the master of Jesus himself!

According to Waani, Jesus first came to provide an alerting note to the world about arrival of the Second Christ during Armageddon just like security officers clearing and covering President’s way during his appointment. Secondly, Mahamati Prannath (or the Second Christ) came to awake the believers in heaven and therefore satisfying all the prophetic prophecies.

There are three phases of the Resurrection day. Firstly, in the 10th century of prophet Mohammad, when there is arrival of Ruh Allah and who lighted the lamp of divine Tartam Knowledge. The second phase of qiyamat is in the 11th century of the prophet when the comprehensive preaching of Tartam knowledge began and finally, nevertheless but the third phase of qiyamat, which inaugurates at the 12th century of the prophet when the revelations of Waani completes and believers are awaken in heaven. The third phase of resurrection includes with it the first and the second phase as well. Currently, all of us are in the third or the final phase of the Resurrection Day.

Islam prophesizes Dajjal as a creature that shows up as Qiyamat approaches near. Islam further says-
Dajjal or the false Messiah will have its right eye damaged and only left eye working. He shall gather an army of those who has deceived and lead them in a war against Isa Ruh Allah. Dajjal will appear somewhere between Iraq and Syria. Dajjal will come out riding on a donkey whose hump will be sky touching and who will cover miles in a single stride. He will travel the whole world in forty days preaching his falsehood but he will be unable to enter Mecca or Medina. Apart from having large number of Jews followers, he shall possess massive number of women followers as well. The word Kafir (disbeliever) will be seen stamped in his forehead. He shall nourish those who believe in him and for those who disapprove his miracles; he shall cause dearth and famine, making them difficult to live. Finally, Imam Mahdi shall gather the militia of believers to battle against Dajjal. Ruh Allah shall descend and jointly with Imam Mahdi, he shall slay Dajjal for forever.
According to the knowledge of Tartam, it is completely an act of imprudence to look for Dajjal outside (like Syria and Iraq). Here, Prophet Mohammad is actually making a bitter and humorous satire upon the nature of humans by the illustration of Dajjal. It is absolutely inexplicable to sketch the perfect body figure of Dajjal. Let’s suppose, how gigantic Dajjal should really be in order for it to climb a donkey having sky touching hump and what exactly would be the face of this world if in case Dajjal would plummet from that donkey? In veracity, Dajjal is not a living being but it is a negative subtle strength. Dajjal actually is and shelters within our hearts and minds in the form of high speed waves of never ending worldly acquisitiveness.
Every human being is living their life in order to please their physical body and meet those things that it demands. Humans easily fall trap to the commands made by their Mann (an intangible consciousness or host inside of the heart of humans from where desires emerge) and thus foolishly becoming the servant of their own desires. Therefore, in this mode, humans insensitively have become the donkey of Dajjal.
On the other hand, I think that it is not sincere to contempt innocent Jews minorities. According to Tartam, the world (symbolically women followers) is referred as follower of Dajjal whereas the hearts of believers are reflected as divine heaven. Dajjal already has its influence set upon every human being (of all fields) in this earth. Peoples lacking Tartam knowledge are easily gratified (nourished) by worldly temptations (Dajjal) and magnetized by worldly pleasures (miracles of Dajjal). Contrary to that, those peoples who are filled with Tartam knowledge (or those who disbelieve in Dajjal), they perceive corporeal needs (Dajjal) and worldly pleasures (miracles of Dajjal) the equivalent of extremely venomous stuffs because these matters only expand their distance with the god while abridges their distance with hell. Hence, in this fashion, worldly wills (Dajjal) dispense agonies (or cause drought and famine) to the believers.
Dajjal is said to have right eye damaged and the left eye working. Here, right eye symbolically refer to Noori eye or the spiritual eye of humans. Knowledge acquired by right eye pertains to divinity. The left eye of Dajjal, on the other side, symbolically refers to Naari eye or the worldly eye of humans that only perceives the outer world. Knowledge acquired through the left eye only pertains to darkness. Humans always wish to prefer cozy and luxurious life rather than spiritual and toiled one. They have totally locked their eyes upon material and they have been quite meager in the zone of spiritualism and humanity. Hence, due to insignificant egoistic attitude of humans (sense of feeling that our faith is only factual whereas faiths of others are lies) and absolute centralization upon materialism, spiritual eyes are involuntarily shut while leaving only physical eyes operating. Therefore, Prophet Mohammad personifies a human without the inner sight (spiritual eye) as a one-eyed Dajjal. Hence, humans who have their spiritual eyes damaged, they become absolutely unable to distinguish between Dajjal and the real Imam Mahdi.
Mahamati Prannath (or Hak or our majestic lord Imam Mahdi), in contrast, had his spiritual eye locked upon the springs and gardens of Lahut or the divine heaven but not upon this world! Therefore, it suggests that he (Imam Mahdi or our Hak) is not one-eyed. Now, I’d like to raise you some questions. Have you still acknowledged Dajjal? Haven’t you spotted the word Kafir (disbeliever) stamped in his temple yet?
Meanwhile, Dajjal is believed to be incapable to enter Mecca and Medina. Now, as the advent of Mahamati Prannath (Imam Mahdi) is declared, Gabriel (by the command of God) shifts the energy of Koran from the holy Mecca and Medina to the Parna of India. Hence, here Mecca and Medina symbolically refer to Parna (or the area of Mahamati Prannath where he lived his final years and preached Tartam Knowledge). Therefore, it is very clear that, Dajjal cannot enter those places where Tartam knowledge flows in the air.
Likewise, Dajjal is set to be killed by Isa Ruh Allah. However, Waani censures belief that Jesus Christ will exterminate Dajjal (or the Anti-Christ). According to Tartam, Jesus Christ and Isa Ruh Allah are not the same being. Dajjal is exterminated by Isa Ruh Allah. At the age of forty, Devchandra Mehta is given Tartam knowledge by Allah himself and consequently the advent of Isa Ruh Allah was declared. Before the advent of Isa Ruh Allah, Dajjal intangibly ruled over the earth. However, after the 40 days of reign of Dajjal, it is finally executed as the dawn of Tartam begins as Devchandra Mehta reaches the age of forty in 1621 A.D.* I mean to state that Isa Ruh Allah excludes worldly wills (Dajjal) from the minds and hearts of his followers during his lifespan at Navatanpuri of Gujarat state in India from 1621 A.D.
At the present time, Koran experts falsely interpret the Islamic prophecies thus they lay claim to prophethood. Only the final Imam and Mummins (adherents of Tartam knowledge) know the genuine meaning of Koran. Others dare to highlight Koran by using their own brainpower. The coming of the Last Christ (Isa Ruh Allah) in the clouds of sky is in fact a gesture referring the arrival of the Last Christ among the Hindus in India. The destruction of the world at the resurrection day is actually a signal implying the end of existing false beliefs and perceptions and the beginning of new age of spiritual awakening (or Jagani in Hindi).
The Final Imam has already gathered the militia of believers (or the chosen ones) i.e. he had gathered mass of thousands of his followers (Nijananda Sundarsaths) during his lifespan.* In addition to that, Imam Mahdi (Mahamati Prannath) has already sketched the New World Order of one universal religion (Nijananda) in this world more than 350 years earlier. Even the Hindus of present India are unfamiliar about it apart from some countable perceivers of Waani.
Furthermore, Dajjal is believed to approach the Muslims during Nimaaz or the Friday prayers. So, our Muslims brothers stay extremely alert during the prayers and they look to their right and they look to their left and they even shorten space between the other Muslim brothers so that Dajjal will have no place to sit whenever it shows up. They even become fully ready to attack Dajjal and slay it whenever it shows up. However, during their scanning of Dajjal in the Masjid, they always forget to glance cautiously at one site where that detestable creature is always hidden. Guess what? They do not remember to look to the inside of their own hearts and minds which otherwise they would have recognized Mahamati Prannath.
If in veracity, Dajjal really was a one eyed creature seen riding on that strange donkey then why was there any need for Prophet Mohammad to give an alarm that it would be very difficult to differentiate between the real Mahdi and Dajjal? Did the prophet actually meant to imply that the real Mahdi would look like one eyed Dajjal or what?

|1f34|-|1r3 wrote on November 2, 2008 #2

huhu..siannya baby ni…
dr ape yg ko tau, leh operate x muka baby 2 bagi ada nostril?
sian dia kalo membesar mcm 2… :oops: :cry:

callister wrote on November 2, 2008 #3

Kesian bayi ni. Dajal yang selalu dikatakan akan muncul pada hari Qiamat tu ada 2 mata, cuma buta sebelah. Macam NH cakap, macam lanun.

alonqexe wrote on November 2, 2008 #4

gua pon menyampah email forward2 ni
kadang2 tak masuk akal langsung!
orang kena mandulkan dgn ubat kuda la, jumpa ikan duyung la

*nostril tu cuma airway jek bukan utk filter. diorang ada nostril tp satu jek since tak septum yg divide the airway.

sootsprite wrote on November 2, 2008 #5

lahir jer dah jadi bahan masyarakat….masyarakat dunia lak tu….hermm….pity baby…. :roll:

yumi wrote on November 2, 2008 #6

Byk je forward email yg x betol. Mata satu je dajjal. Dulu baby kena penyakit kulit mcm kulit ular tu, kecoh jgk. Padahal ada nama penyakit tu. Berkurun.

Fariz Bakar wrote on November 2, 2008 #7

kesian…bayi yg tak bersalah disuruh bunuh

aman wrote on November 2, 2008 #8

Definitely the author had a brain size of my sperm..Bodo sapa yg sebar nih.Read the Qoran a lot,then u know what Dajjal exactly mean!

NoktahHitam replied #1

dalam Quran tade mention dajjal, dalam hadith byk.

Uzair wrote on November 2, 2008 #9

That’s gross. Such photos should be banned.

It’s truly sad, makes me for thankful for my healthy body.


Jed Yoong wrote on November 2, 2008 #10


Unfortunately, babies with cyclopia rarely survive beyond 1 week after birth (normally). Allah knows what’s best for him =)

p/s: just curious, where and when were these pics taken ?

NoktahHitam replied #1


Usually these babies were aborted upon confirmation of CT scan. There was a case where the baby lived till 2 years old.

KIWI3838 replied #1

maknanya masa baby tu hidup, dia dpt byk pahala drpd org yg dok mengutuks dan menghina dia. kesiannya baby ini :cry:

MsMe wrote on November 2, 2008 #11

There are many chain mail that been forwarded blindly.. this is one case.. why can’t they sharpen their brain more.. Google it, Yahoo search, Live search.. use all of this before forward message that you don’t know the origin..

smaelz wrote on November 2, 2008 #12

subhanallah .. maha suci allah ..

oDiN wrote on November 2, 2008 #13

this isnt the first time a dajjal was being forwarded on trash emails. people nowadays should read more.

and yes, according to my readings too, a real dajjal will have one eye which is “unfunctional”. it is said that either its blind or sepet. wallahualam.

people better improve their doings rather than spreading trashes about dajjal. its a waste of time and wasting time wont give us extra merits.

rodent wrote on November 2, 2008 #14

masyaAllah, kesian tengok baby mcm ni. biasa yang kurang ilmu tu la yang always assume dajal without thinking further or dalam bahasa melayu nya, cakap tak serupa bikin. main cakap je tanpa bukti.

fahaman berbeza, itu lah masalahnya.

irfan replied #1

“assume dajjal without thinking further” not equal to cakap tak serupa bikin equals to “walk the talk, etc.” aiyoh….sekian.

haziq wrote on November 2, 2008 #15

orang sekarang. memang macam-macam. Tapi serius, kesian bayi tu.. :cry:

eyeman wrote on November 2, 2008 #16

menjadi mangsa kerakusan manusia mencari publisiti juga huhu.

erm… bagaimana keadaan bayi ini dewasa kelak?

megat wrote on November 3, 2008 #17

i got a lot of spam such as this, but being me i never pass it to others nor do i look into it in details.

NoktahHitam replied #1

I would, if it involves religion. Others.. pehh.. go to junk mail.

taukey wrote on November 3, 2008 #18

Kesian baby ni.. xde pasal dikatakan dajjal.. Kalau la dajjal ni mmg lahir dari perut manusia, aduh..

Mr Am wrote on November 3, 2008 #19

n i feel more kesian to the parents

quiyah wrote on November 3, 2008 #20

Fuck the original author! Publicity whore! You know what? I noticed many rubbish magazines and papers in the market, love writing about this. This morning I walked pass a newspaper stand, I saw the front page of one paper ‘Mawi, Ekin subur.’ WTF??????

bongkersz wrote on November 3, 2008 #21

kesian on the parents jugak. people spreading not so good news about their child.

even kesian pada baby tu. hopefully he/she would be fine. :roll:

AyUmi wrote on November 3, 2008 #22

the real dajjal is long ago being born…he is on an island somewhere on this earth…

byk kisah2 pasal dajjal nih..ape2 pun kite kene la siapkn diri kita utk berhadapan dgn dajjal laknatullah nih..mungkin kalau nasib kita tk baik dia akan muncul time kita…

aku prefer mati dulu dr hidup time dajjal…

humayun replied #1

dear, i read a hadith today.

i which Prophet PBUH said.
that dajjal is on the East (and he said thrice) and it may be on any island of East side. . a

and he will not be able to enter in Mecca and Madinah. .

abbas khan replied #1

are you sure about that,you mean dajjal is on some kind of an island!pls tell me.

zack wrote on November 3, 2008 #23

That poor baby… who ever called him dajjal, that is the real dajjal!

shaxx wrote on November 3, 2008 #24

:shock: How could these people do such things?!?! :vangry:
The poor baby! And it’s still an infant! Sigh…

Ashleigh wrote on November 3, 2008 #25

Allahualam….. jgn la korang memandai kata itu kata ini.. huhuhuhu… :cry:

ape pon, semoga baby ni kalau hidup, dapatlah teruskan kehidupan dengan sabar :kiss:

khai wrote on November 3, 2008 #26

I’m saddened to know that a baby has to go through all that cruelty since birth. People can be really vicious when it comes to abnormalities, just because they’ve never got it themselves. They’ve never leaned to how to be empathetic, or at least, concerned and accepting. They’ve never thought that it wasn’t the baby’s wish to have only one eye and a badly deformed head.

The animalistic and brutal call to kill the baby reminds me of the very irrational killing of twins in this Asian village where people think twins are the fruits of evil spirits (or something satanic or demonic). What idiots. And they call it their village’s tradition. What kind of tradition is that when it’s more like mass killing and massacre than cultural uniqueness? I just don’t understand this world.

May those who frown upon the birth this baby rot in hell… if they think that way, they’re an insult to human intelligence and soul.

teddY wrote on November 4, 2008 #27

ya Allah, jahil gila orang2 tu. tak kesian ke budak tu camtu? Teruk betul.

True, I’m worried about how he’s going to go through his life as a teenager later on.

Aisyah wrote on November 4, 2008 #28

auch…tetiba rasa so lucky person dilahirkan tanpa cacat cela..yah kesian betul baby tu… belum jejak kaki dibumi ini dah dihina begitu rupa..Pray for him god give him strengh to live

Phuck Author Email ~

Najib Hassan wrote on November 4, 2008 #29

:roll: x pernah plak tahu hal ttg Dajjal x de dlm Quran. (Jahilnye diri ini).. and, i can’t find the baby’s nose? Sure the baby got one? :?:

abdusfauzi wrote on November 5, 2008 #30


YOU SHOULD NOT SPEAK OF WHAT YOU DO NOT NO OF wrote on November 17, 2008 #31

how can we beleive that baby is a dajjal……. why people are creating all non sense and making people scared…. what proof is there that baby is a dajjal…….. poor baby doesnt even know what is happening around him……

Fathima wrote on January 25, 2009 #32

this is crazy…. the poor baby has to go through all this critisism.. i just can imagine how the parents r taking it up.. n how sad they must be feeling when the whole world is talking ill of their baby. Audubillah…

Shiham wrote on February 7, 2009 #33

I have never seen a picture like this. There is a mix impression from the comments of the people, some are very offended by this and some call is sign of Dajjal. I personally don’t want to favor any one however I would like to ask this question that how many babies like this have born in the world so far and why did not they surface before. As for as Dajjal is concerned, according to the religious books he will be with one eye and 99.99% times it does not happen in real world. The God has to bring that evil personality in the world therefore an abnormality will be created in the systeme of his mother by God which will result his birth. People should not be offended by the act of God.

Zaid replied #1

i think u r right

mnbaig wrote on February 14, 2009 #34

Hmmm…..i think that only duplicate Genetyk….that only make people to became scare….so,,,i want to suggest you all of moslem to don’t believe it!!!!

RYan wrote on February 19, 2009 #35

I saw pic which is published dajjal i think it is a genatic problum only.So many baby born in world around some born with some obnarmelity it is in these.We should pray to MIGHTY ALLAH forgive us.

aghakhan wrote on March 13, 2009 #36

agar is kay mathay pay kafar likha hai ya kuch bhi likha hai to ye dajjal hai kion kay dajjal kay mathay par likha ho ga
if he has a word kaffar on his forehead then hi is dajjal

mohsin raja wrote on March 16, 2009 #37

Has anyone even wonder if those pictures are even real?Just wondering because there are sick people out there who used God’s given talent and technology the wrong way, just to create ‘sensation’.
Anyway, only ignorance people will believe that was dajjal..As far as I know, dajjal was born a long time ago..very long time ago and he is living among us right now..just waiting the right moment to show himself…and that moment is not far away.

am wrote on March 23, 2009 #38

it’z nt dajjal she iz a girl

ali wrote on April 1, 2009 #39

i really shocked to know that this baby is dajjal , it is not right at all , in fact, dajjal the deceiver will come soon within this world, he has two eye but one eye is flat , he can watch through one eye , so this is not dajjal , anti Christ ,

mohammad rezwan wrote on May 21, 2009 #40

i think u wrong about dajjal

asshukrie wrote on May 31, 2009 #41

The one that say it’s dajjal i hope he will go to hell. That was the most stupid accusation i have heard. Learn your religion more before you people accuse innocent babies!

Superman wrote on June 12, 2009 #42

dear muslim brothers i really want to share something that , we dont have to care about dajjal either he was born or not, it doesnt matter because according to my research there was not a single hadees about killing dajjal its not in our hand to kill him, because we all know that dajjal have to come and he will, our work is to ignore these things and pray to God for help us and make our belive stronger…………………………………….

Atif Naqi wrote on July 1, 2009 #43

i don’t believe in this all & this all is fake this baby is so innocent and i prey 2 god that “God give 2 the baby brave heart 2 face this world”

hira khan wrote on July 1, 2009 #44

:halo: this is not dajal because he will born in a family whose lady have not given birth to a child upto 30 years and he will born after thirty years

muhammad rizwan wrote on July 7, 2009 #45

:XO: :$: :grin: :razz: :wink: :eek: god is the gratest and true religon is islam.

muhammad rizwan wrote on July 7, 2009 #46

i think it izz dajall….nd it izz the biggest sign ovv… judgement day..

zain wrote on July 9, 2009 #47

what we people can say

Allah Knows better then us

we should ask some Alem

SAK wrote on July 13, 2009 #48

all is i wanna say is may Allah Almighty i wish reveals the truth soon! so everything should be proved whether he is Dajjal or An innocent baby!
AMEEN!!! :halo:

sum1 wrote on July 16, 2009 #49

this child is a girl

personanonomous wrote on September 20, 2009 #50

Hey, guys… Stop all these yammering about the kid. It’s making all of you looking stupider than the child…
If you looked up the facts right (that is using the INTERNET for what its original purpose in the first place) than full filling your own selfish needs and search the truth…

Here’s a few facts:
1. Dajjal has long been with us in this world (true)
2. The Dajjal to appear before doomsday is the Dajjal’s last stand (true)
3. The Dajjal cannot be killed by anyone so easily only Jesus/Isa bin Maryam can. It is by Allah’s will that he does. (true)
4. The Dajjal will appear from time to time usually at the end of and age. E.g. The end of England’s Golden Age, the end of rennaisance, the end of the age of magic, etc. (true)
5. The Dajjal is somewhat the icon/ symbol of the end of an age and the beginning of a new one. (true)
6. After he appears 30 times, that is thirty ages (ages vary in periods of time) all of that which changes the world dramatically the he would appear at last before doomsday (true)

There are more facts if you know how to, not use the internet but, use your BRAINS!


Storm Dancer

Appologies to those I’ve offended.

Storm Dancer wrote on September 24, 2009 #51


adunz replied #1

tidak akan ada yang percaya bahwa itu dajjal, ,

yang hampir benar adalah adanya “sai baba” di khurasan, india!

IJAZ wrote on September 24, 2009 #52

komaha maraneh weh anjink!
ibadah maraneh jg nu mantep wae dasar manusia munafik!maraneh tah dajal anjink!solat nu baleg goblog karek komentar

omer wrote on November 16, 2009 #53

This may be Dajjal, or this may not be Dajjal. I cannot say for sure. Dajjal is to show when there is no prayer from a single person. Dajjal is to show when there is no adan in a single mosque. If this truly is Dajjal then we muslims have allowed him to be here by missing prayers. We have allowed him to be here by forsaking our faith for worldly possessions. If you truly want to kill Dajjal then do it by your prayers and your faith, for this child is still innocent. If this truly is Dajjal then you cannot kill him before he fufills the prophecy, try as you might. He will have to claim he is a messiah, then he will claim he is The Lord. If this is Dajjal then we must pray and we must wait for Isa-alay-salaam. I am not playing the devils advocate, but if this truly is Dajjal, then we are indeed too late.

P.S. Dajjal has two eyes, but the one that pertains light is covered. From what I can see, this child has only one.

Remember, bloodshed in Islam is not allowed until the war is brought onto us. This child has not started and act of war by being born.

Zaheer wrote on November 24, 2009 #54