Alas A Dajjal Was Born

Emok told me about a circulating mail on Dajjal’s birth. At first I didn’t want to believe, but for the sake of curing my curiosity, I delved into my junk mails. (Luckily, gmail could sort this out for me)

The title reads, Sign of Dajjal in Israel.

Dajjal 1Dajjal 2

Is this the Dajjal you speak off?

Fuck you, original author. I personally find this offensive.

For those who never knew online medical journos existed, the poor baby suffers Cyclopia, a congenital abnormality (birth defect) in which there is only one eye. Read for more.

The term “DAJJAL” means “Imposter”, one who conceals the truth with falsehood, a “falsifier”, one who deceives, deludes, beguiles, circumvents, is very deceitful or a “great deceiver”. According to my readings, Dajjal is blind on his right eye something like a pirate (Wikipedia).

Attached to the mail was a long list of replied messages. Being me, I could never refrain myself from reading the stench remarks etched on the mail. One in particular, threw me off balance, “Kill the baby!”.

Are you stupid? The least you could do is Google it before throwing tantrums to that innocent child. It’s a pity, the child was hated before he could leave the cradle. I wonder how he’ll survive in this cruel world.

The next time you read a forwarded email, think twice before pushing them into other’s inbox. You could be spreading ill-intent notions.

Again, fuck you author.

ps: Don’t bother searching for Dajjal in the Quran, it’s not there.

pss: Weekends or weekdays, work is all I have. Thank you clients.

psss: Cyclopia don’t have nostril, how do they filter air? I guess they don’t.

pssss: Don’t reply my pss, I will delete your comment.

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  1. Hey, guys… Stop all these yammering about the kid. It’s making all of you looking stupider than the child…
    If you looked up the facts right (that is using the INTERNET for what its original purpose in the first place) than full filling your own selfish needs and search the truth…

    Here’s a few facts:
    1. Dajjal has long been with us in this world (true)
    2. The Dajjal to appear before doomsday is the Dajjal’s last stand (true)
    3. The Dajjal cannot be killed by anyone so easily only Jesus/Isa bin Maryam can. It is by Allah’s will that he does. (true)
    4. The Dajjal will appear from time to time usually at the end of and age. E.g. The end of England’s Golden Age, the end of rennaisance, the end of the age of magic, etc. (true)
    5. The Dajjal is somewhat the icon/ symbol of the end of an age and the beginning of a new one. (true)
    6. After he appears 30 times, that is thirty ages (ages vary in periods of time) all of that which changes the world dramatically the he would appear at last before doomsday (true)

    There are more facts if you know how to, not use the internet but, use your BRAINS!


    Storm Dancer

    Appologies to those I’ve offended.


    adunz replied #1

    tidak akan ada yang percaya bahwa itu dajjal, ,

    yang hampir benar adalah adanya “sai baba” di khurasan, india!

  3. komaha maraneh weh anjink!
    ibadah maraneh jg nu mantep wae dasar manusia munafik!maraneh tah dajal anjink!solat nu baleg goblog karek komentar

  4. This may be Dajjal, or this may not be Dajjal. I cannot say for sure. Dajjal is to show when there is no prayer from a single person. Dajjal is to show when there is no adan in a single mosque. If this truly is Dajjal then we muslims have allowed him to be here by missing prayers. We have allowed him to be here by forsaking our faith for worldly possessions. If you truly want to kill Dajjal then do it by your prayers and your faith, for this child is still innocent. If this truly is Dajjal then you cannot kill him before he fufills the prophecy, try as you might. He will have to claim he is a messiah, then he will claim he is The Lord. If this is Dajjal then we must pray and we must wait for Isa-alay-salaam. I am not playing the devils advocate, but if this truly is Dajjal, then we are indeed too late.

    P.S. Dajjal has two eyes, but the one that pertains light is covered. From what I can see, this child has only one.

    Remember, bloodshed in Islam is not allowed until the war is brought onto us. This child has not started and act of war by being born.