After Installing WordPress, What’s Next?

WordPress Ultimate Plugin
Malaysia Blogosphere is mushrooming handsomely over these past few months. I take it most are still dumbstruck with what to do next. What plugin to use? How to retain reader’s interest? Here’s a few tips on the plugin I used at NH.

WordPress Threaded Comment
Threaded Comment This is by far the most essential plugin you’ll ever need. How many times have you replied to commentators but never heard from them since then? Countless? This plugin will solve your agony. Just like in my comment area, my visitor will receive an email if their comment are replied. This will re-attract the original commentator. Isn’t that smart?

1 Bit Audio Player
1 Bit Player
A very simple and lightweight Flash audio player for previewing tracks in a WordPress blog. Easy to activate, just provide a link to an MP3, everything else is automated.

Ajax Contact ajaxContact is a drop in form for users to contact you. It can be implemented on a page or a post. It’s fairly important for you to have a contact page, guest do not necessarily want to leave comment, especially on private matter.

This is a must for anti spam protection. If you hate the anti-spam image verification like in, use this. Akismet automatically captures email and flags comment with many links.

All In One SEO Pack
All In One SEO If you want Google to find you easily, use this. Paste your headline and some of your content. Close your eyes and cross your finger, Mr Google will find you.

Plugin to show a link to the last post from the commenters blog in their comment. Just activate and it’s ready. Currently parses with wordpress, blogspot, typepad and blogs that have a feed link in the head section of their page. (I’ve modified mine)

Get Recent Comment
Recent Comments
Display the most recent comments or trackbacks with your own formatting in the sidebar. Example, on your right.

LightView Plus
If you click on any of the thumbnail in this page, a special effect will take place. That’s called LightView. Go and make your site look cooler. Activate it and continue below. (notably slower loading time, but it’s pure awesome)

Flexible Upload
Once you have activated LightView, you can use this plugin to upload many images at once. Be sure to use ‘Link to: File’ to activate LightView effect.

Show Top Commentator
Top Commentators
Reward your commentators with their links on the sidebar with this plugin.

Simple Yearly Archive
A simple, clean yearly list of your archives. Like my own archive. It is notably slower.

WP Grin
Allow your commentators to utilize smiley (or emoticon) in their comment. Also use in your post. Get the NH smileys.

Now, make my day and produce the best user experience blog ➡

Oh hell, I’ll just give you my modified plugins. Download it here!
(like always, unpack it in your wp-content/plugin and activate it)

ps: I would really appreciate it if you could link back to me 😉


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Nice listing, thanks for sharing. :up:

Apple’s last blog post..Into J-Pop

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NoktahHitam replied #1

No biggie :up:

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Apple wrote on July 5, 2008 #1

brian threaded comment dulu kena modified dulu dia punya comment.php file.
but this one is totally great. thx NH! :)

syuxx’s last blog post..8 cool tumblr themes for tumblog

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NoktahHitam replied #1

Don’t use Brian, use the one I suggest. It’s super!

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syam replied #1

aku guna brian’s dulu. tp lepas baca entri NH ni aku try guna WP threaded comments. mmg super dan kool. tp aku masih kene belajar cmne nak godek avatar untuk letak sebelah kanan seperti NH buat. 😕

syam’s last blog post..Blog Review:

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syuxx wrote on July 5, 2008 #2

Wow that’s a ton of useful plugins! Personally I’ve found the WordPress Thread (or is it Threaded?) Comment exceptionally useful, because it allows me to give personal replies to commentators :) it’s really, very useful, and so far it works well with all my WordPress comment plugins like Spam Karma 2, Commentluv and etc. I’m not sure whether Ajax Edit Comments will be fine, but heck, installing this plugin will defeat the purpose of CommentLuv since people are able to edit it.

Speaking of CommentLuv, I find the latest version (v1.93) unusable after installation. It simply doesn’t link to the author’s latest post after fetching the RSS. This is weird. I’ve rolled back to the good ol’ v0.999 (I did some sneaky checking, you’re using v0.998?) and it works just fine.

I use the audio player plugin by 1 Pixel Out, I don’t know whether you’re using the same one because the link is broken 😛

p/s: How nice for you to share your customised plugins! And thank you so much for doing everyone a favour for sharing the cute emoticons! Anyway people who use it should have the moral responsibility of linking you back 😉 if they don’t, karma will go around and kick them in the butt.

teddY’s last blog post..Kickass Firefox!

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NoktahHitam replied #1

WordPress Threaded Comment. It’s the most essential for any WP install. It shouldve come with the box!

My CommentLuv was edited to suit my needs. 0.998 is much faster and lower load 😛

I’m using 1 Bit. There’s no need to activate, just use the < a > tag and like em to an MP3 file.

I figured I should just them up. Being unique is great, but I don’t my knowledge out, what’s the point? It is an open based platform, I cant be stingy all the time 😮 😥

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teddY replied #1

I couldn’t agree more with the WP Threaded Comment plugin! I can make do without any WP plugin but not without it! It’s one of the few comment plugins that can coexist so peacefully with others 👿 I’ve heard that v0.999 makes your database grow at an exponential rate, but the author did post a simple fix for it.

p/s: 1 bit sounds more handy and easy that the one I’ve mentioned in the previous comment… but I think it’s too late for me to switch 😛

teddY’s last blog post..Kickass Firefox!

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teddY wrote on July 5, 2008 #3

lately encik akismet kurang menyengat la. a few real humanoid comments masuk spam and a few fake humanoid masuk comment’s tab.

solution : aku kena pakai both encik akismet dengan cik spam karma 2. hehe

KNizam’s last blog post..Just Bought This Flat Screen Monitor – Samsung 19″ 943NWX 300cdm 8000:1 5ms LCD Monitor

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NoktahHitam replied #1

Knizam, please pakai WP threaded comment. Bile ko reply aku nye comment nanti aku dapat email. Which is very helpful so that ko tak la melangut ckp sorg2.

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KNizam wrote on July 5, 2008 #4

thanks for the listing NH.hmm..macam nak buat/carik theme baru lar plak.

arejae’s last blog post..Masa terlalu pantas berlalu….

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NoktahHitam replied #1

Selamat mencari theme baru! 😉

You can just download all my plugins, you don’t have to go to every site listed above.

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arejae wrote on July 5, 2008 #5

Ajax Comments, is a great idea to add to a blog. :)

Susan’s last blog post..Arthemia

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NoktahHitam replied #1

It doesn’t work all the time on my blog. The result varies depending on browsers. :smile:

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Susan wrote on July 5, 2008 #6

akoo ske NH smileys. Tgh pakai kat blog sejuta kekarutan n personal blog. tengs! :up:

budakmerah’s last blog post.. Gadis Ku Pemalas

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NoktahHitam replied #1

Mane ade blog karut. Grammar karut ade. Hahaha ➡

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budakmerah wrote on July 5, 2008 #7

i pakai maybe 80% of those.. haha! except commentluv, lightview plus and flexible upload.

i always have problem submitting comment if i tick on the ‘enable comment luv’ box. entah mengapa.

thanks for sharing dude! sure will try it out! 😀

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NoktahHitam replied #1

I’m using the old one. Maybe I’ll update it to the latest. It might work well.

The WordPress Threaded Comment is already 80% of this post. Itu paling penting, WTC! 😛

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melbie replied #1

Yes, I was one of those that having problem using commentluv… after few complains from bongkersz and other friends, I disable that plugin

As for the wordpress threaded comment, I got the edited one from bongkersz. He removed the gravatar and I haven’t got the time to find the original coding to paste it again – as you well know, I’m not good with this coding thingy 😳 bongkersz – why did you remove that code?? 😛

melbie’s last blog post..Just The Day That I WANTED…

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bongkersz wrote on July 5, 2008 #8

wow…great collection of plugin..nanti nak cuba try pakai.. 😀

aman’s last blog post..GimpSHOP – Alternatif Adobe Photoshop

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NoktahHitam replied #1

Sila guna WP Threaded Comment. Aku sgt suke bile dapat notification bile ade orang reply comment aku.

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aman wrote on July 5, 2008 #9

Thanks for sharing NH! 😀
Do you mind me asking? I’ve installed WPGrin long time ago and it was working perfectly well. But now, the plugin isn’t working at all. I tried to reinstall, nothing happened. Deactivated all my other plugins, changed the themes, looked for the solution at forums but nothing worked. 😕

Whoa, am I too stupid or what. :mrgreen:

Mira’s last blog post..A letter of hatred

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NoktahHitam replied #1

WP Grin doesnt work on WP 2.5 if I’m not mistaken.

It is advisable to use WP threaded Comment. Its the best plugin so far.

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Mira replied #1

Eh? But I’m not using WP 2.5. *scratches own head*

Mira’s last blog post..A letter of hatred

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Mira wrote on July 5, 2008 #10

sharing is caring! Thanks a lot! 😀

p/s:I always click at your about me page to check if u’ve wrote about plugins used in your blog. Now, I dont have to do it anymore! 😛

p/s: thanks again for the modified plugins zip file! :up: :smile:

saffa’s last blog post..Hey, New Theme! *Artistic*

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saffa wrote on July 6, 2008 #11

banyaknya lagi yang boleh diupgrade di blog. huhu. :XO:

thanks for the info.NH.

aishah’s last blog post..It’s five, not four eh?

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aishah wrote on July 7, 2008 #12

hmm nampaknye aku kena bertukar ke wordpress jugakla hehehe..

Reply to This comment wrote on October 4, 2008 #13

good info… :) tapi.. malangnya.. wp-grins sangat anti sama design blog aku.. huuu.. sebab bahagian comment aku jadi cacat. so.. aku just ambik ko nye noktahhitam smileys, pastu upload kat wp-includes/images/smilies.


thanks for the cute smiley anyway.

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ikoko wrote on December 8, 2008 #14

Thanx a lot NH. Although you had posted this for a long time, I just found it. lolx

but the modified plugins link is dead, can you pease uploaded it again? sorry for asking but i really need that. Im a noob blogger :roll:

btw, i have to pay for the lightview plus? correct me if im wrong

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Elafyf wrote on January 29, 2009 #15

Man, you just made my day. Awesome emoticons. Thanks, just imported all of them to my WP. Still have to hack that functions.php, but it already looks better. :)

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Simon wrote on January 31, 2009 #16

Hey – quality weblogblog site, just looking all over some interweb, to work as a very decent platform you happen to be using. I am at present using WordPress for a couple of of my guidance but looking to switch one of them using to a platform related to yours for a trial run. Anything in certain you’d recommend about it?

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davinci changing table wrote on April 30, 2010 #17

thanks.this really help me a lot.

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Eyl wrote on June 22, 2010 #18

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