Adik Saudaraku Mahu Kahwin

My younger cousin is getting married tomorrow. Everyone will be back in kampung by then. So will I.

I’m pretty sure the same old question of ‘when’ will be asked. Since I’m practically old enough to get married and have kids.

Not to worry, this old dog has a few untested tricks up his sleeve. I can’t wait to bombard my pakciks & makciks and see them burst in flames.

Wait, I’m not supposed to be enjoying this!

I guess after a while, I’ve eventually turn it into a game. Beats me, it wasn’t me who waged the war. I’m just here to counter those threats. We’ll see how it goes. If it’s appropriate, will land those stories here.


Congratulations to Khalid on becoming a father. It was really nice to see you cheerful as ever. For a moment there, I envied you.

Like ‘I’ pointed out, we’re 3 steps behind Khalid. Finding, Marrying and Getting.

ps: Eh? Man Utd lost? Seriously? I thought they’re the true champion? Was I wrong? Oh wait, I watched the match? Hahaha. What I meant to say is, padan muke! Riak lagi, sape suruh!

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