A Typical Malay in Foreign Land

Just Shy

Always grinning, as any foreigner will tell you, he’s friendly by nature.

But at the same time, eye brows droop. Could be a sign of either, modesty or puzzlement. Because everything around him is changing drastically.

He thinks life is fun, but religion and government rings at the back of his head, at ALL TIME.

He is scared of his mother, father, grand dad, grand ma, aunties, uncles…

He tell friends, he misses home but actually wants their attention.

He bagged ‘A’  for general knowledge, the world, history, geography and politics. But disappointed because he comes from a far away land, a place between Thailand and Singapore where nobody ever heard of.

His stomach is made for rice, curry, durian, belacan and a lorry of chilli. He’d suffer withdrawal symptom if he hasn’t eaten rice within 24 hours.

He comes back home and complains about the turtle Internet.

He is a keen football fan. Knows a lot about his National team which can sometime be excellent, but often disgusting.

He also pays attention to fruit season.

ps: originally by Lat

pss: There’s many more I’d like to add, but it’ll be a long list. Care to do the honor?

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