A Touching Story of a Doctor

Touchy Doctor Story

I wanted to save this story after election, but heck, I’ll share now ❓

Doctor A (wish not to be named) pursued her medical degree at RCSI. Her ambition spurred when she lost her father due to illness. She was child then, but she took it like an adult. A decade later, she became doctor, helping out those in need and determined to find a cure for her dad’s illness. Awe :kiss:

Doctor A buzzed me over YM. It’s been ages since we talked. And the conversation …

Doctor A
: Hey! How have you been?
NoktahHitam : Great! I don’t have to see my psychiatrist anymore. How are you?
Doctor A : Sometimes I think I’ll die of dehydration or due to tiredness. I have oncalls every 2 days. It’s very hard to cope and I have a year to go (housemanship)
NoktahHitam : That’s bad! It sure is tiring running around hospital. So which department are you at now?
Doctor A : General Medicine ❗
NoktahHitam : That’s like a death sentence department 🙄
Doctor A : Yes. I have to deal with death almost every day. Most of the patient died due to respiratory failure 😯

Then she explained to me in great detail how the procedure was like, ECG, CPR, Chest Compression etc. Me like technical stuff! 😮

NoktahHitam : So how did you cope with death.
Doctor A : Each time a patient dies, I feel like crying. I lose my confidence and my heart shattered. I feel like a complete failure. But I have to be professional. I have to append my feelings.

Death is inevitable. I could never face death through my eyes. It’s the last thing I want to see in life. The hardest is to ask the patient to “mengucap” before they completely close their eyes 😥

NoktahHitam : How did the family take it? Any retaliation?
Doctor A : That’s the hardest part of all but most of them took it well.
NoktahHitam : What’s your line like?
Doctor A : We did our best but the patient did not respond. The patient could not make it 🙁

That’s another last thing I want to do in the planet. Informing death. 😯

Doctor A : Ok NH, I have to get back to the hospital. I got work to do 🙂
NoktahHitam : At this hour? (it was 830pm)
Doctor A : Yup.
[Doctor A signed off]
NoktahHitam : Wow. I….

I wanted to give her some moral support, but she left in a hurry. I pity the workload she had to endure, day-to-day basis. At the same time, I admire her courage. Shuffling between death, being a doctor and personal health. It’s also sad to note she has no social life and is underpay. Doctors are still human, regardless their white coat and title 🙁

ps: Maintenance Engineers and Doctors are almost identical. Except, engineers can make mistakes, Doctors can’t ➡
pss: Happy working people! Remember, you LOVE your job! (at least pretend to) :XO:
psss: I need to pickup my younger brother tomorrow. Malasnye :kiss:

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