A Quarter Century Old

Today marked my 25th birthday. If I were to round up that figure, I’ll be in my 30’s. Thank God, age is excluded from the mathematical form.

Like every year, I’d look back and visualize what I’ve done and achieved. Management people call it KPI (key personnel index), Engineers call it benchmarking, Web Developer call it version-ing and Muslims call it muhasabah. Whatever you call it, it’s very important to justify yourself(or ego).

This year, I only met half of what I expected.

People say, “Kita hanya merancang, Tuhan menentukan“. I think it’s bull shit. If you failed to achieve something, it could either be one of this; you are not trying hard enough or you did not pray hard enough. Else, void.

If you could extend your mind a little bit, you’ll realize you’re actually blaming God for your misfortune.

Take for example, Malaysia lost against Vietnam (football). Can’t you just be honest and take the fall? It was never God’s fault to begin with. It could only be the two things mentioned above.

Next time when you stumble, don’t point fingers. Sit back and think, where did you screw up. Remember Newtons Third Law, “To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” It’s should be your best interest to understand the opposite reaction.

Enough philosophy. I was thinking of getting myself a MacBookPro, but I think it’s OVERLY priced at RM7999. The thought moved to Iphone, but since I only use a phone to call and sms, why would I need a PDA? Just to look cooler? Pffft.

I think I’ll get myself a dual screen pc. No more ALT + Tab move.

ps: I asked a cute birthday girl to sing me a birthday song in front of everyone, and she did. (Yes, we share the same birthdate).

pss: To everyone who called or texted me, thanks. I actually feel guilty because I don’t remember your bloody birthday! So the next time you think about wishing me, just skip the noble intention. I don’t need to be reminded that I’m getting older.

psss: Thanks SootSpirit for the birthday wish. Just so we’re clear, you’re still a fan not a friend, yet. LoL.

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