A Lick and A Promise

A long drive home awaits me from Cyberjaya. Friday night traffic is always worst no matter where you are. But I needed to get back home earliest possible, I have another meeting lined up tonight.

My tummy growled, begging for a slice of carbo.

I pulled over to nearest petrol station, loaded Jenny with octane and grabbed a few meals over the counter. Hot dogs, Frankfurters and the fake RM1 Pizza (it’s RM2 now). Sprayed extra chili sauce and left before they could charge for the excessive sauce.

One hand on the steering, the other holding the leaky hot dog. Nothing beats quality multitasking.

Achoo! I’m still a sick boy with a reddish nose. I had to put the hot dog on my lap to wipe that snot of mine.

I promised myself to clean Jenny once I get back. I didn’t want to get distracted though I was pretty much stuck in the traffic. I’m being lazy in other words.

Poorly lit, I saw a wet surface on my pants. I stuck a finger and sampled it. Strange, it’s not spicy. Shouldn’t this be the dripping chili sauce? It’s sour, almost tasteless. Oh sh*t! It’s phlegm from my sneeze!

Lesson learnt: Don’t lick anything off your pants!

ps: Postponed the meeting. To bummed to go out tonight.

pss: A lick and a promise“, antonym of “spic and span”. I think..

psss: Read between the lines, please! (and you know this is made up story)


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  1. 😯 nasib baik gelema je… ingat something else 😉

  2. mcm signs nak pegi holidays kat pulau perhentian je tuh
    shutdown the laptop. pegi book holidays weiii.
    best giler ah snorkelling kat pulau2. hehe 🙂

  3. termuntah kopi aku minum ni beb.

  4. Oh they have snot topping for hotdogs now in Malaysia?

    Sweet. Or should I say, sour..? 😛

  5. hahahahahahahaha
    pengotor ini budak comot!
    lemme guess~ itu adalah eddie
    betul tak? 😛

  6. Comes in apple green! Want some? 🙂

  7. busuk gile~
    T_T pasni i mkn epal hijau msti igt u

  8. sian ko.. nah amek Pokka Vanilla ni.

  9. damn…….hahahaha. i couldn’t say anymore. those were the first come out from my mouth. 😛

  10. hahahahahaha… kelakar ok.. simpati pun ada gak… hahahahaha

  11. :mrgreen:

    how’s the smell anyway? 🙄

  12. ciss..yg ko rajin pg rasa apesal??
    dah tau warna apple green lagi mau rasa.. 🙄

  13. fullamak..camana rasa nyer? best ?? :up: :up:

  14. OMG! NH, that is gross!! :mrgreen: erk.. anway, cepat sembuh ok. 🙂

  15. meh cni nak lapkan… 😉 get well soon :up: 😀

  16. bace sekali lagi, I said, poorly lid, kurang pengcahayaan.

  17. ade maksud dalam. Tak semua orang leh tangkap.

  18. ..didn’t see that coming! hahaha

  19. clogged nose and poor lighting. No idea how it smelt like

  20. Rase macam half boiled egg Omega 3 Old Town Cafe.

  21. Simply put:priceless! 😀

  22. OMG! *seconds abdusfauzi*

    get well soon babe!

  23. aaaaaa…yuck!

  24. alahai NH.. Hang pi makan raw sunquick.. I mean yang dalam botol tu.. Selsema perlukan vitamin C.. Sunquick ada vitamin C.. InsyAllah.. ilang la selsema tu..

  25. I think it’s poorly lit, luv.

  26. aku bc komen kat atas ko ckp warna apple green sb 2 aku ckp mcm 2.. 😈

  27. OMG! i dah lah suka half boiled egg… nnt if i mkn, sure muntah… u ney… ish 😡 :mrgreen:

  28. Now you know why you like half boiled egg 🙂

  29. Seriously? Raw ribena for me then (but’s too sweet don’t you think?)

  30. this must be the first thing that came thru your mind after that. “not bad after all”
    ROTLOL :))

  31. no real evidence saying that vit c can cure common cold. it’s beneficial if u’ve started consuming vit c before the cold but not during the episode… 🙂

  32. ps: we learnt this in form 2 I think. I was asking him, whether sunquick tu betul2 beneficial or not. I hate vits 😯

  33. Oh, so her name is Jenny? HAHAHA! Too masculine bro.. Jebon more suitable.

    HAHAHAHA! Sour… ROTFLMAO! I hope when you wiped your phlegm, it didn’t mix in your hotdog sauce heheheee.. Now, the hotdog taste.. sourish tak?

  34. hotdog tastes like, hotdog with half boiled egg

  35. Jenny….cute la. Mine is Jiji. :p

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