A Geek’s Dilemma (Nokia 5800 vs Sony Xperia)

Last week, I bought a Nokia 5800.

I’ve installed everything useful, including Garmin XT. It works like charm and I was in love, until today. A guy from Lowyat.net private messaged me, letting go of his Birthday gift, a Sony Xperia.

It is only sane to reject Xperia the offer, as I have a new baby, however there’s a twist. It’s an original set retailed at RM2.5k (at least). He only wants RM1.6k. After much consideration, I went ahead and emptied my wallet to fetch the spanking new unit. It’s hard to resist that kind of offer.


Now I’m sitting here, contemplating. Whatever it is, one have to go.

Nokia 5800 is downright simple, everything is where it is. Xperia on the other hand, is complex and a little too much for a user who only wants to Call, SMS and GPS. Dissing elegance and value, it comes down to user experience. What do I really want?

The last tough decision I made was back in ’05, breaking up. Now, I can’t believe I have to choose whom I want to be married to for the next 2-3 years.

Is this considered one of the crossroads in life? Harder than I thought.

ps: Treated mom to some fancy Arabic cuisine. I was so full, I had to remain seated for 20 minutes. Talk about nafsu!

pss: It’s NOT my intention to materialize girls. So don’t take it the wrong way

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