4,000 Indian Have No Identification

This piece of news was aired on TV3, Monday 14 th Feb 2011. It was echoed again in other news, like Mkini.

4,000 Indians have no identification, so who are they? Indians from India, Indians from slave market, Estate Indians from colonial days, Indian Pariah from Interlok? Seriously, WHO ARE THEY? Subramaniam said it’s due to lack of education? Hoi! We have been liberated for almost 60 years now! Still got some bawah tempurung?

And we are giving them citizenship .. for FREE? Wow, very generous indeed.

Though this may sound tad too racist, but seriously, if you were running the nation, would you give citizenship to these people base on hear-say and grandmother stories? Even Vijay Singh’s application was rejected. I’d probably put on a straight face and say no (unless they speak fluent Malay and understands how our country works).

For all we know, we could have been given citizenships to illegal immigrants.

ps: Elaboration on Buku Jingga?

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