2010 Malaysia Budget = Pure WTFness!

I try best not to talk about politics in my blog, it is a little annoying to me too. But when it comes to spending people’s money, I start questioning the logics. In case you don’t know, our Prime Minister has tabled down the 2010 Budget for Malaysia.

As I scroll along the highlights, I found one GLARING point.

1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) will establish a corporate social responsibility fund totalling RM100 million as a start to finance community activities.

Do we really need a company to roll this idea? RM100 million is best used to fund other things like public transport or plantation sector.

The Government will establish the 1Malaysia Retirement Scheme to be administrated by EPF.

Weh, enough lah of this 1Malaysia thing! Sudah basi liau!

I know Najib has his utmost attention on making Malaysian a united nation and a prosperous one, but he has to keep in mind, too much of something bad enough (quoted from Spice Girls). If Brit pop does not excite him, consider Islamic way of wasatiah then.

ps: 1Malaysia? Shaddap lah!

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