2010 Malaysia Budget = Pure WTFness!

I try best not to talk about politics in my blog, it is a little annoying to me too. But when it comes to spending people’s money, I start questioning the logics. In case you don’t know, our Prime Minister has tabled down the 2010 Budget for Malaysia.

As I scroll along the highlights, I found one GLARING point.

1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) will establish a corporate social responsibility fund totalling RM100 million as a start to finance community activities.

Do we really need a company to roll this idea? RM100 million is best used to fund other things like public transport or plantation sector.

The Government will establish the 1Malaysia Retirement Scheme to be administrated by EPF.

Weh, enough lah of this 1Malaysia thing! Sudah basi liau!

I know Najib has his utmost attention on making Malaysian a united nation and a prosperous one, but he has to keep in mind, too much of something bad enough (quoted from Spice Girls). If Brit pop does not excite him, consider Islamic way of wasatiah then.

ps: 1Malaysia? Shaddap lah!


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  1. 1Malaysia….2Standard….

    Mampus la Najis….another scam to fuelled the wife shopping spree….

    Bodoh la Rakyat….

  2. err 1Tandas please?

  3. bongok la depa ni. 100million banyak nak mati. repair jalan pun tak lepas nak spend tempat lain.. tahi tahi

  4. Ada pro dan kontra.

    1Malaysia Dev Bhd? Another company setup untuk *kenalan2* diorg cari pendapatan lebih la kot. 100M tu pun entah mana pegi nanti.

  5. 1 Mapley…leh la mapley unite kan?gaagagaga

  6. The way I see it, KONTRA. If the rakyat truly believe in this initiation, 1Malaysia should have a tabung and run as Non Profit Org. Much like WTF (not what the fuck) that helps orang utan and panda to survive.

    If we really want to be a single nation, then do it through language. Indonesia did it years ago. We should too!

  7. 100 mil is a lot of money. If they allow me to spend, I think I can bring back 500 mil back to the table.

  8. haha.. i heard someone saying about najib didnt achieve much actually. he just continuing someone else’s hardworks and make them look like his. then he creates something diff altho it’s ridiculous.

    and those media and gomen ppl boost him up.. so the innocent ppl really really believe that najib is good whatsoever.. huh! bullshit!

  9. it is being repeated again and again.

    1Malaysia, 1JPJ, 1 apa2 lagi.. enoughla with that.

    eh.. what happen to Islam Hadhari aa..?

  10. When there is no pak lah.No more Islam Hadhari.When there is no NaJib.No more 1 Malaysia.Yeay!

  11. wah, ini dah kira buang duit namanya. untuk apa tah semua ni. berong.

  12. kesitu perginya bonus govt workers. patutla tak dapat. takpe. govt workers suffer hutang keliling pinggang pun sebab sumbangkan kat corporate social. bagus2.. =|

  13. no need Islam Hadhari lah…we need Islam hakiki…

  14. Pelajar IPG (formerly known as Maktab Perguruan) telah merasai ‘kegawatan’ ekonomi kat Malaysia ni Could you imagine, semua peruntukan utk aktiviti pelajar yang sepatutnya diberikan kepada pihak IPG telah diPOTONG 100%. Segala macam aktiviti terpaksa dijalankan dengna ala kadar sebab tak de bajet. Rasa kesal yang amat dengan keadaan ini. Tak sangka sekarang berada di Malaysia. Macam-macam benda hebat ada kat Malaysia, Twin Tower Petrosan, KLIA, SIC.. ah.. segala macam benda yang gempak la… dan yang terbaru ada pasukan F1. Wah satu dunia respect kita, kayanya malaysia, Brunei pn xde lagi team F1.. dan akhirnya kita menang undi popular aje.. rakyatnya terima akibat.

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